SE. 008 SUBWAY | Michael Shantz aka Grimjob

Michael Shantz aka Grimjob is an illustrator , designer and creative director.

Working mainly in the music industry for the past 11 years, Grimjob has designed logos, branding, album art, merch and art for stage and projection.

He works with musicians from all genres including the underground rap scene ( Rozz Dyliams, Bexey, Lil Aaron, Smrtdeath and many more) the Uk metal scene (Bring me the Horizon, Architects, Your Demise) and more current pop artists such as Billie Eilish.

Grimjob also does character design and branding, working with Mondo he helped to create a cartoon pilot for the network and has done character design for a many more projects.

On top of all that, he has worked with a lot of fashion brands to design logos and branding, custom fabric and design for print ( Jordanluca, Field of Ponies, Pretend Play, Drop Dead, Mishka).

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