SE. 011 SUBWAY | The Shapers – Thrashing to Destroy


” The shapers draw inspiration from California’s skate culture, merging the garage rock vibes of FIDLAR with the raw energy of Green Day and SUM41. Founded in 2009 with a keen appetite for touring, the band has performed in ten countries over three continents, sharing stages with the likes of Pennywise, The Adolescents, Gnarwolves, NOFX, and more. “

French trio The Shapers have released a new music video for their single “Thrashing to Destroy.” Filled with the riotous acts and all out chaos, the band explores the idea that sometimes you need to destroy things to move forward.
“It’s essentially a giant metaphor for the human struggle, be it against governmental oppression, unjust and prejudiced systems, or even our own pre-conceptions,” says vocalist Anthony Cauvin.

Sc :

Intinya tuh menurut kami, The Shapers berniat menyebarkan gagasan bahwa kita tuh perlu ngehancurin banyak hal buat maju melalui karya terbaru mereka, eits santai dulu yg perlu kamu hancurin adalah negativity vibes di dalam diri dan sekitarmu..

Kalo kamu penafsirannya gimana?

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