zombiepunk x stupiderror

help Ⓐ punk to get drunk.

If you’ve ever walked by Camden Lock, chances are you’ve spotted Anderson Garcia Rodrigues. Better known as Zombiepunk, the Camden local is hard to miss; covered in tattoos and with a Mohawk so large and colourful it would put a peacock to shame, Zombiepunk is quite the striking sight. Anderson, 32, travelled 4,000 miles to London from Brazil two years ago, and has quite the unusual job. Every day from 10am to 7pm, he stands by Camden Lock Bridge with a sign that reads “help a punk get drunk” and asks for £1 for a photo with him.

Anderson says his original sign just requested £1 for a photo, but was quickly dismissed.

“Another punk told me ‘hey, you won’t get anything with a sign asking for £1 for a photo’,” he says. “He told me to write ‘help a punk get drunk’.

“I did that, and now I do it every day.”



IDR 235.000

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